This series is inspired by Martin Heidegger's concept of Angst.
"But there is a mood, anxiety or dread (Angst), that functions to disclose authentic being, freedom, as a potentiality. It manifests the freedom of man to choose himself and take hold of himself. The relevance of time, of the finiteness of human existence, is then experienced as a freedom to meet his own death, a preparedness for and continuous relatedness to his own death. In anxiety, all entities sink away into a "nothing and nowhere," man hovers in himself as ex-sisting, being nowhere at home. He faces no-thing-ness; and all average, obvious everydayness disappears--and this is good, since he now faces the potentiality of authentic being."

shot with a Nikon D60, edited in Photoshop CS4, printed on Epson Ultra Premium Luster Paper
24in. x 24in.
November 2013